Real estate legal advice

Real Estate Legal Advice

We provide independent legal advice from real estate investigations through to drafting
and preparation of contracts and transfer of deeds, ensuring our clients' rights are protected.
Cyprus: Low tax business hub of the EU
Cyprus is increasingly becoming an attractive place to live, work and establish or run a business
Cyprus Investment Programme
In an ever changing world, international mobility is a must. We offer a full service
'one-stop shop' in relation to the immigration programmes of the Republic of Cyprus

Clear, precise legal advice.

Real Estate Legal Advice

Who we are

We are a growing team of experienced, dedicated lawyers. We are based in Nicosia and we work throughout Cyprus.

Real Estate Legal Advice

What we do

Our aim is to help businesses and individuals on how to do business in Cyprus and how to protect their interests.



Our people are our strength and aim to provide clear, practical, and helpful advice to best meet your needs.


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Real Estate

We act for a broad range of clients. From large corporations, institutions and estates with large and complex property portfolios to smaller corporate or private investors whether international or local.

Cyprus Tax

Cyprus is an attractive centre through which to conduct business internationally. Cyprus has the lowest corporate tax rate, 12.5%, in Europe. The wide tax treaty network of Cyprus encourages cross-border investment…

Cyprus Investment Programme

One of the main objectives of the economic policy of the Republic of Cyprus is to further encourage foreign direct investment and to attract high net worth individuals to settle and conduct their business in Cyprus

Trusts, Wills, Estate & Probate

Other than being a popular international business centre and a holiday destination, Cyprus is more importantly, an excellent place to raise a family. Cyprus has one of the lowest crime-rates in the world. Its attributes have made it a desirable relocation destination.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our litigation lawyers are hand-picked on the basis of their intellectual ability, determination, stamina and ability to think and communicate clearly under pressure. Our lawyers describe complex matters of law in a simple manner and work with total integrity and confidentiality.

Shipping & Aviation

Approximately 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry. Taking advantage of its strategic geographical location in the Mediterranean Sea and implementing an excellent communications network and favourable tax…

Cyprus Fast-Track Permanent Residency
With an investment in residential real estate in Cyprus, an investor
can secure permanent residency of the Republic of Cyprus in a few simple steps
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Large city with tall buildings
The Cyprus Holding Company

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Cyprus Fast Track Permanent Residency
Cyprus Fast-Track Permanent Residency

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