Cyprus is an established and favourable holding company jurisdiction in Europe. With a low corporate income tax rate at 12.5% and with an extensive  list of bilateral double taxation treaties with over 60 countries across the globe, Cyprus has many advantages to offer businesses, big or small operating just about anywhere in the world.

A brief list of Cyprus’ favourable tax provisions:

  • no tax on the disposal of securities,
  • no tax on foreign dividends,
  • no tax on profits from foreign branches,
  • no tax on the disposal of foreign real estate,
  • no CFC rules,
  • no withholding tax on outgoing dividends, royalties or interest.

We provide corporate services relating to the incorporation, management and administration of companies in Cyprus. We advise on all company law matters and represent clients in corporate litigation.

We also provide our clients with a range of supplementary services, according to the needs of each client, either directly or through our accounting and tax advisors. Many of these supplementary services are important for establishing and operating a business through a Cyprus company:-

  • Secretarial services
  • Directorship services
  • Registered office address and related services
  • Administration and Management services
  • Virtual office services (communication and space)
  • Assistance with bank account opening and related services
  • Income Tax registration and VAT registration
  • Obtaining and renewal of employment permits and visas
  • Applying for Cypriot Citizenship (access to the EU market)
  • Applying for the registration of trade names, service or trademarks

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