Cyprus Fast Track Permanent Residency

Cyprus Fast-Track Permanent Residency

Cyprus is a modern, cosmopolitan and thriving EU member state. Blessed with a clean and beautiful natural environment, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. It also has a safe family-orientated society and a business-friendly environment with an excellent tax regime. Cyprus’ Permanent Residency Programme is an attractive proposition for those wishing to obtain residency in a European country.

With an investment in residential real estate in Cyprus, an investor can secure permanent residency of the Republic of Cyprus in a few simple steps.

The Cyprus’ Fast Track Permanent Residency application process is fast, simple and affords freedom of establishment and mobility.


  • visa free travel to Europe
  • tax benefits
  • seven (7) years of permanent residency leads to citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus
  • entitled to operate a Cyprus company or business (conditions apply)
  • two (2) month application turnaround time
  • investor and family(spouse, minor children, financially dependent adult children, parents and parents-in-law eligible)
  • simple procedures-no exams or other language tests required
  • maintaining the permit requires a visit to Cyprus, for any duration,at least every 2 years for those who choose to continue to reside outside of Cyprus


  • investment in residential dwelling valued at €300,000 plus VAT
  • clear criminal records to be presented
  • fixed deposit bank account of the applicant of €30,000 for 3 years
  • proof of annual income of applicant of at least €30,000 per annum

Our services include:

  • experienced attentive lawyers available at any time to respond to all inquiries
  • low cost and transparent legal fees
  • quick, personal bespoke service
  • independent unbiased legal advice, without additional cost, on suitable real estate options
  • preparation of all real estate contracts with terms included to protect the investor
  • 100% track record approval for residency applications

Contact us for a free initial consultation on or on +357 22 336100

(Terms and conditions apply, the above is a brief overview of the current policy-it is advisable to seek specific legal advice for each case)

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