Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our litigation lawyers are hand-picked on the basis of their intellectual ability, determination, stamina and ability to think and communicate clearly under pressure.

Our lawyers describe complex matters of law in a simple manner and work with total integrity and confidentiality.

Our aim is to protect clients’ legal rights by providing clear, comprehensive and correct advice in a timely manner. Our knowledge, experience and resources enable us to assist in resolving disputes in a fast and effective manner.

Aware of the lengthy timescales for the completion of judicial proceedings in the Cyprus courts, where possible we take effective interim measures to safeguard our clients’ interests and/or reduce the clients’ damage.

Our services include the following:-

  • legal research and pre-court negotiations
  • case presentation in civil litigation and corporate litigation
  • translation of all documents when required
  • preparation of witness and expert witness statements
  • private investigations
  • appraisals and valuations
  • court applications relating to the operations of limited companies
  • court injunctions and interim relief
  • probate and administration of estate disputes,
  • advice and representation in cross-border litigation disputes
  • enforcement and execution proceedings of foreign judgments and foreign arbitral awards

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